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With time, it became apparent that this classification scheme was much too simple. A fourth category, known as spontaneous fission, also had to be added to describe the process by which certain radioactive nuclides decompose into fragments of different weight. Alpha decay is usually restricted to the heavier elements in the periodic table. Only a handful of nuclides with atomic numbers less than 83 emit an -particle. The product of -decay is easy to predict if we assume that both mass and charge are conserved in nuclear reactions. Alpha decay of the U “parent” nuclide, for example, produces Th as the “daughter” nuclide.

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Natural and Artificial Isotopes Most elements have naturally occurring isotopes. Percent natural abundances indicate which isotopes of any given element are predominant occur in greater abundance and which only occur in trace amounts. Mercury, for example, has seven naturally occurring isotopes: There are 20 elements with only artificially produced isotopes. Some naturally occurring and artificially produced isotopes are radioactive.

However, there are some lighter nuclides that are radioactive.

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Angelo, “just a few mV” is all you need. If the bias pot has an intermittent contact, this could be what is causing it to eat output transistors I’ve been there! Find out the bias spec for your amp. You should be able to find instructions on the Bryston website. For older amps, biasing instruction are in http: Typically, the bias current is set to half its final value and then, after the amp is fully warmed up, the bias is slowly increased in small steps until you reach the final value.

Check your pots with the power off using an ohm meter connected between the wiper and one of the other terminals. It should change smoothly as the pot is turned. If it is jumpy, turn the wiper back and forth several times. If you have contact cleaner with a lubricant, this would be a good idea.

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The number of shares of series A preferred stock beneficially owned is comprised of 52, shares of series A preferred 6 stock held Fort Mason Master, L. These stockholders also hold warrants to purchase , and 17, shares of our common stock, respectively. The terms of the series A preferred stock and the warrants held by these stockholders provide that they may not convert shares of series A preferred stock, or exercise warrants, if, after giving effect to such conversion or exercise, either stockholder, together with its affiliates, would beneficially own more than 4.

Fort Mason Capital, LLC is the general partner of each of these stockholders and, in such capacity, may be deemed to beneficially own the shares held by these stockholders insofar as it exercises sole voting and investment authority with respect to such shares. Fort Mason Capital, LLC disclaims beneficial ownership of the shares beneficially owned by these stockholders, except to the extent of its pecuniary interest therein, if any.

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Great medieval walls surround the city and quaint narrow streets lined with specialist shops, boutiques and tea rooms beckon – the Shambles is a favourite amongst visitors who go back again and again whilst visiting the area. It’s a city fully of history and culture and there is much to discover. York Minister is one of the places a must to visit, together with York Castle and its museum, the Jorvik Viking Centre and a host of other museums, theatres and art galleries.

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Beta Decay Beta Decay occurs when neutron to proton ratio is very high which in turn makes nucleus unstable. In this process neutron gets converted into a proton and an electron and the electron is emitted out of the atom. In beta decay mass number of the atom remains same but the atomic number decreases by one. Example of beta decay: The difference in energy levels is very high in nucleus so the emitted photon is gamma ray high energy photon.

The number of protons and neutrons inside the nucleus remains same in case of gamma decay. Example for Gamma Decay: Back to Top When a heavy or unstable nucleus undergoes radioactive decay, it forms a daughter nucleus which is more stable than parent nucleus but by itself it could be in unstable state yet. So the daughter nucleus further undergoes decay to produce more stable nucleus. This process continues till a stable nucleus is formed. This series or chain of radioactive decays is known as radioactive decay series or decay chain.

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Core Scientific International provide highly technical scientific support in environmental research to universities, government, and industry. We specialize in the analysis and interpretation of We specialize in isotope analyses for researchers in the fields of geology, economic geology, geochronology, archaeology, anthropology, and hydrology, and for environmental, metabolic, and food adulteration studies. Geochron Laboratories has been providing high quality isotopic analyses to Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc.

Los Gatos Research produces portable gas analyzers that provide measurements of gas concentrations and isotope ratios in the field with unsurpassed accuracy, precision, selectivity, speed and sensitivity. Pharmachem is a private company with more than twenty years of experience in trade with laboratory equipment and environmental consultancy.


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Guidance on average household bills in Highgate. A journey from Highgate to Leicester Square takes approximately 18 minutes. Trains The nearest train station is over a mile away at Upper Holloway. N20 – towards Trafalgar Square For further information, including maps, please visit Transport for London. Open Spaces Highgate Wood – 70 acres of beautiful woodland. Hampstead Heath this is outside of the Highgate area, but only a short distance away.

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