The six’s close friendship serves as the main storytelling focus throughout the series. They form their own club called the Cutie Mark Crusaders and dedicate themselves to finding their own true talents. In Crusaders of the Lost Mark , the Cutie Mark Crusaders receive their cutie marks, and their close bond of friendship is reflected in their cutie marks’ similar designs. Rainbow Rocks , Sunset joins their band The Rainbooms as a guitarist and backup vocalist. In the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic, Sunset says regarding the five, “You’re more than my friends—you’re my family. Following Discord’s reform in Keep Calm and Flutter On , he and Fluttershy regularly have tea parties at Fluttershy’s cottage and keep in touch via written letter. Even after Sweetie Drops reveals her background as a secret agent and Lyra is hurt by the deception, the two reconcile in the end. A flashback in The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone portrays how the two first met and became friends.

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During his plus seasons with the Thunder, Presti has worked diligently to assemble the building blocks for long term success both on and off the court. Dating back to the start of the season, Presti and his staff have watched the Thunder amass the second-best record in the NBA during this span behind only San Antonio.

Additionally, the Thunder is one of only three teams to finish with a record of.

Events around Thunderbolt – Thunderbolt, GA – AARP In Your. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age.

A Thunderbolt connector v. Both peripherals and computers need to include a controller. Thunderbolt controllers multiplex one or more individual data lanes from connected PCIe and DisplayPort devices for transmission via two duplex Thunderbolt lanes, then de-multiplex them for use by PCIe and DisplayPort devices on the other end. Thunderbolt is interoperable with DP When connected to a DP-compatible device, the Thunderbolt port can provide a native DisplayPort signal with four lanes of output data at no more than 5.

This copper-based version of the Light Peak concept was co-developed by Apple and Intel. Apple registered Thunderbolt as a trademark , but later transferred the mark to Intel, which held overriding intellectual-property rights. Sumitomo Electric Industries started selling up to metre-long foot optical Thunderbolt cables in Japan in January, , [12] and Corning, Inc. At the same demonstration, Intel officials said they expected hardware manufacturing to begin around the end of See comparison section below.

Intel and industry partners are still developing optical Thunderbolt hardware and cables. However, those cables are retailed almost exclusively in Japan, and the price is 20 to 30 times higher than copper Thunderbolt cables. German company DeLock also released optical Thunderbolt cables in lengths of 10 metres 30 feet , 20 metres 70 feet , and 30 metres feet in , priced similarly to the Sumitomi ones, and retailed only in Germany. Other implementations of the technology began in , with desktop boards offering the interconnection now available.

William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

A flight of Barracudas fly as a fighter-escort for a pair of high-flying Mantas A Barracuda conducting a strafing run on enemy positions The Tau forces deployed to seize control of the former Imperial Mining World of Taros during the Taros Campaign in M41 included a large contingent from the Air Caste which formed an integral part of the Tau’s overall strategy for securing victory. Winning the air war against the Imperial Navy was vital to the Tau’s plans, and Barracudas and Thunderbolts fought daily for control of the skies.

Flying from well-concealed desert air bases on the Iracunda Isthmus, the Barracudas eventually won the battle. As well as engaging in dogfights, the Barracudas also targeted the Imperial Guard ‘s supply columns, operating in unison with infiltrating Pathfinder teams to destroy Trojans and the supplies vital to keeping the Imperial Guard fighting.

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The Hopper, a cirque, is centered below the summit. The rest of the mountain drains into the Hoosic River. Mount Greylock is the product of thrust faulting , a tectonic process by which older rock is thrust up and above younger rock during periods of intense mountain building. The younger, underlying marble bedrock layers have been quarried in the lower foothills of the mountain in nearby Adams and North Adams, Massachusetts. Glacial history[ edit ] During the Pleistocene , 18, years ago, Mount Greylock and the surrounding region were covered by the Laurentide ice sheet up to 1-kilometer 0.

Glaciation rounded and wore down the mountain, carving out U-shaped valleys and leaving glacial erratics such as the Balanced Rock in Laneborough on the west side of Greylock. Cosmogenic Nuclides are radioactive isotopes formed when high-energy particles i. Calculating the abundance of these nuclides is a way to determine the age of exposure of surface rock, also called Surface Exposure Dating.

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Attributed to Julius Caesar. An argumentum ab inconvenienti is one based on the difficulties involved in pursuing a line of reasoning, and is thus a form of appeal to consequences. The phrase refers to the legal principle that an argument from inconvenience has great weight. Incunabula is commonly used in English to refer to the earliest stage or origin of something, and especially to copies of books that predate the spread of the printing press circa AD In literature, it refers to a story told from the beginning rather than “in medias res” “from the middle”.

The 2-in-1 computer has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and boasts a USB port and two Thunderbolt USB Type-C ports for charging and connecting your peripherals. The keyboard has three backlighting settings, and its keys are shallow with a short travel distance.

If it is just a facade and the cop secretly has a heart of gold , it’s Noble Bigot with a Badge. Please limit Real Life examples to instances where the officer in question was actually convicted. They are also the employers of the true criminals. And that’s not all they’re mixed up in, either. Akai in particular when it’s revealed that he’s been raping and brainwashing Sawa, one of the child assassins he and Kanie employ.

It’s quite plausible that the Triad leader Mr. Chang was one of these as a cop.

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However, the Air Force’s taste for light-weight planes diminished after when Congress mandated budget cuts. The military branch even went so far to retire the remaining A s, but Congress stepped in in an attempt to save the Warthog fleet — stating A cuts are to be delayed until after But last year, the idea of light weight planes resurfaced.

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They had their skipper sent-off, their manager sent to the stand, hit the post, went behind, yet still had the stomach to fight back to steal victory at the death with a far post header from Ryan Bennett from a free kick whipped in from the edge of the are by Barry Douglas. If it was ecstasy for the visiting fans behind the goal in which Bennett stole the winner in the 92st minute, it was agony for Bristol, who lost for the first time in eight games. Both sides were reduced to 10 men in an enthralling, end-to-end thriller.

These two teams certainly deliver value for money. Wolves battled their way to a very impressive victory That forced Wolves to try to break out of their defensive mode and a great through ball to Matt Doherty on the right edge of the box forced Bristol keeper Frank Fielding to wipe him out to save his goal. Once again the referee Peter Bankes brandished his red card and now it was 10 men each.

No sooner had the Wolves boss made the change than he was sent to the stand by Mr Bankes after the fourth official called him over to the technical area. As he moved to his new vantage point he would probably have missed seeing Douglas hammering a left footed free kick on the edge of the 18 yard box.

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There is a mistake in the scale. The Celts were amassing forces to invade farther south in Italy, presumably with Carthaginian backing. It seems that the Romans lulled themselves into a false sense of security, having dealt with the threat of a Gallo-Carthaginian invasion, and perhaps knowing that the original Carthaginian commander had been killed.

A Minnesota-based startup has unveiled designs for a plane called the ‘Machete’ that consists of a new metal foam making it a light-weight attack plane that could replace the iconic A Warthog.

In August , HTC confirmed a plan for a strategic partnership with Beats Electronics involving acquiring 51 percent of the company. HTC Corporation made different models for each operator. Marketing problems were identified by HTC as the primary reason for its comparative performance, a factor that had been previously cited by the company. This was only revealed in by Risto Siilasmaa , chairman of Nokia , in an interview with the Helsingin Sanomat.

In a change from previous launches, the HTC One was made available for purchase on the company website and North American mobile carrier websites on the same day a few hours after the launch. HTC ended its long relationship with Microsoft afterwards due to Nokia ‘s dominance in Windows Phone devices, [40] and started focusing solely on Android.

The employees included the team involved with Google’s Pixel smartphone , which was manufactured by HTC. Google stated that the purchase was part of its efforts to bolster its first-party hardware business. The transaction was completed on 30 January ; while HTC will continue to produce its own smartphones, the company has stated that it planned to increase its focus on Internet of Things IoT and virtual reality going forward. The company’s transaction with Google will be reflected in its first quarter numbers.

HTC stated that it would use the revenue to further its investments in “emerging technologies”. The company had also cited its increasing VR investments, including its upcoming Vive Pro model, and Vive Focus—a standalone “all-in-one” VR headset unveiled in November

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