FHM Cover Girls: Diana Zubiri

FHM Cover Girls: Diana Zubiri

Red Encantadia continues to surprise viewers with new and exciting developments week after week. Last Tuesday, the audience saw the return of Diana Zubiri to the telefantasya. According to Zubiri, she worked hard and really prepared for this role. Una siyempre kailangan ko magpapayat. Kailangan kong bumalik sa dati kong figure dahil lalabas na naman ako sa TV. At kailangan kong maging fit so nag-try din akong bumalik sa arnis and sword lessons. She is also excited to be part of the series once again after 11 years. Siyempre gusto ko pa rin maging part nito, ayokong mawala kumbaga, kasi ang Encantadia parang magkakasama kaming apat Sunshine, Iza Calzado, and Karylle Tatlonghari before tapos biglang may bago siyempre ayaw mong mawala doon.


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Isa na ang horror sa genre na tinangkilik ng mga Pilipino. Isa rin ito sa genre na sa palagay ko ay patuloy na tatangkilikin lalo na nang masang pinoy. Moderator ng forum na ito walang iba ang nag-iisang “Asia’s King of Talk” parang ang nag-iisang Superstar. Sa bagay, Noranian siya si Boy Abunda at ang mga guest panelists ay ang mga kilalang direktor sa larangan ng pananakot. Ipinakilala isa isa ni Boy ang mga guest panelists.

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Diana Zubiri

Philippines — The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of about 7, islands that are categorized broadly under three main geographical divisions from north to south, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the capital city of the Philippines is Manila and the most populous city is Quezon City, both part of Metro Manila. The Philippines has an area of , square kilometers, and it is the eighth-most populated country in Asia and the 12th most populated country in the world.

As of , approximately 10 million additional Filipinos lived overseas, multiple ethnicities and cultures are found throughout the islands. In prehistoric times, Negritos were some of the archipelagos earliest inhabitants and they were followed by successive waves of Austronesian peoples.

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This Italian-Filipino actress is famous for her roles in movies and TV series in the Philippines and has won several acting awards for her movie roles. RR undoubtedly has a gorgeous body fit for a magazine cover though her popularity was propelled by her lack of intelligence as shown by the way she answers questions thrown at her by host Willie Revillame. I am not sure if she does that intentionally, but that made her rise into stardom nonetheless.

RR Enriquez is making headlines for a racy pictorial she did a year ago for an animal feeds calendar. The sexy host said that she agreed doing that pictorial because she needed the money badly. Just a friendly hug at hindi ibig sabihin liligawan ko siya.


Tweet Even though he came to prominence in the United States with his infamous Michael Jackson documentary in , Martin Bashir had already become a household name in Britain thanks to his interview with Diana, Princess of Wales. It was a finely choreographed spectacle by the interviewer and the subject alike, and the initial reaction was how poorly this English Rose had been treated by those out-of-touch Royals. Once the hype wore off, it became evident that despite her efforts to present herself as a bird in a gilded cage, Diana was a more complicated woman: So, you know, human.

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Posted by Darwin at Zubiri was just 8 years old when her father left her and her elder sister in the sole care of her mother at Olongapo City , who maintained a sari-sari store. The family later transferred to a rented home in a poorer section of Fairview, Quezon City, where Diana spent the rest of her young life, and her mother found them a stepfather. Acting Career Zubiri at 16 started her showbiz career after applying in Japan as an entertainer. She met Jimmy Mercado, a Seiko Films employee who was working part-time as an interviewer for wannabe performers for Japan.

At that time Assunta de Rossi had just finished the sexy film “Sisid”. At 17, she signed her Seiko contract in and was launched in in the sexy film “Itlog”, opposite Rodel Velayo. She then returned to the Philippines and started to appear in sexy movies such as Bakat and Kasiping. After a few sexy flicks, Zubiri became a GMA Network artist, appearing as a regular cast in Bubble Gang, a sketch comedy television program.

She also appeared in Encantadia as Danaya, the diwata that holds the Jewel of the Earth. She later reprised that role in Etheria and Encantadia: At this point, Diana is no longer categorized as a sexy actress, but is gazed as a TV-movie celebrity. All these, she owed from her manager movie writer Jojo Gabinete and a series of image-changing projects—two films by the award-winning director Jeffrey Jeturian Liberated 1 and 2.

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Diana Ross was rumored to be dating Warren Beatty. The affair reportedly lasted several years and resulted in the birth of Ross’ eldest child, Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein, in August Ross gave her first husband’s surname to her daughter. It was claimed that Ross’ marriage to Silberstein was a “business arrangement”. Rhonda didn’t learn the truth until she was Ross and Silberstein divorced in and Ross relocated to New York in the early s after years living in Los Angeles.

In January , after a romantic courtship, Ross married him the following year, later having boys Ross Arne and Evan Olav. After several years of legal separation, the couple divorced in Naess was later killed in a mountain climbing accident in , Ross attended his funeral. With the exception of her son Ross Naess, all of her children use their mother’s surname as their stage name.

Diana Zubiri

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Diana Zubiri engaged

Already during the engagement period Diana had had the feeling that Camilla played too great a role in Charles’ life. Didn’t Charles and Camilla earlier call themselves Fred and Gladys as a disguise? Diana suffered terribly from jealousy. Diana made it unmistakably clear to Charles that he should not send this gift to Camilla, but he did it anyway.

Diana Zubiri played Carmela Langit/Princess Arianna& Arianna Impostor in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan. External links Diana Zubiri at Wikipedia.

With this, she is tasked to take care of nature and environment in Encantadia. Danaya was one of her mother’s choice to ascend the throne of Lireo, but was defeated during the challenge. When her sister Amihan gave birth to Lira, as the wisest of the Sang’gres, she gave a magical gift to Lira, that she will never be harmed by Pirena. This happened when Pirena, a defector of Lireo, came back to ask for their forgiveness, Danaya was not convinced and did not bestowed her full trust to her.

As part of Pirena’s plan to overthrow Amihan from her throne, Danaya was attacked by Pirena and made an attempt on Amihan’s life disguised as Danaya, leading to her exile in the mortal world. She was then followed by the Hathors including Hagorn and succeeded in killing her niece, Mila. She was later helped by Mulawin’s Dakila and Bagwis and went to Halconia to look for Mercurios to bring Mila back to life. They went back to Encantadia and reunited with her sisters.

She helped Amihan reclaim the throne of Lireo. When the war is over and Amihan had to pass on her crown to Lira, she refused and rather chose to go back to the mortal world to be with Anthony.

Diana Zubiri

Alena is the third daughter of Mine-a and is the guardian of the Brilyante ng Tubig, wife of Ybrahim and the mother of Kahlil and Armea. Pirena and Amihan are her older half sisters, while Danaya is her younger full sibling. For a long time, Alena and Danaya did not know the identity of their father. All they knew of him was that he had been killed by Hathors when they were still young. In the Etheria finale , Alena and Danaya ‘s father was revealed to be Enuo , a Diwata healer, who had been destined to sire daughters with Mine-a because of his kindness.

As with Pirena and Amihan, Alena and Danaya cherished having met their father; though they were not aware of their relationship at the time, Enuo had tended to the two sisters’ wounds after they were injured fighting Avria.

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The family of Diana Zubiri and Andy Smith

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