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We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package for Postal Service™ career employees. Compensation In addition to competitive basic pay rates and regular salary increases, depending on the type of job held, most employees may also receive overtime .

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Mar 19,  · A few days ago I got a call asking whether I knew anything about the Ayers family mailman. I had heard of him, I said. he put the date of their first meeting in .

Every mailing list is also accessible by a number of web pages. Note that the exact URLs are configurable by the site administrator, so they may be different than what’s described below. We’ll describe the most common configuration, but check with your site administrator or hosting service for details. List information listinfo page Usually found at http: Usually all the other subscriber pages can be accessed from this point, so you really only need to know this one address.

Member options page Usually found at http: To log in to your member options page: If you are not already logged in, there will be a box near the top for you to enter your password. Enter your password in the box and press the button. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view and change all your list settings.

List Archives Usually found at http: In each monthly group, the posts are usually indexed by author, date, thread, and subject. Pipermail is the name of the default archiver that comes with Mailman. Other archive programs are available.


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A mailman received quite the scare while on his delivery route Friday. A Red Tail Boa had found its way onto a resident’s mailbox, prompting a call to the Overland Park Animal Control.

Deborah Mailman, September Fourteen years later, she is careering around Sydney from one appointment to the next before flying off to the Toronto Film Festival, where the hit movie The Sapphires is making its North American debut. By midmorning, she is running over half an hour late. The woman who enters, though, is unflustered. In a soft voice, Deborah Mailman apologises serenely and profusely for being late and gives me a warm, two-handed handshake.

Before our interview, a mutual friend had advised me:

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Jun 02,  · We maintain a number of Mailman mailing lists. One of the reasons that I like Mailman for listserv-type functions is that it is easily scriptable from the command line. Here’s an example. At the end of each academic year, we like to remind list owners of lists that are no longer being used, so that.

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Dating a mailman it seemed like a good idea dating a mailman funny gay trivia at the time.A can a mailman refuse to deliver mail few months ago i noticed a new mail carrier on my route and to put it in the simplest, basest terms she.

But aside from the occasional dog attack, you’d think mail carrier would have to be about as dull as jobs get. We tracked down a startlingly honest mailman and learned some dirty truths about life as a member of the thin, blue, shorts-wearing line If you give your mail-person a reason to hate you, well For example, some letters naturally just “fall onto the floor” of our truck. And maybe that delays things by a couple of days.

I’m not defending it, but it happens, because holding up your check or Amazon delivery by a day or two is the only vengeance we can wreak in return for all those dog attacks and verbal abuse. Some of our clients are crazy, but more on that in a moment. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Just so we’re clear, holding back mail for the purpose of vengeance isn’t something we do all that often.

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