Seiko Astron 8X Big

Seiko Astron 8X Big

It was made for astronaut Richard Garriot. In , he designed one of the most famous RPG games ever: Anyway, his father was an astronaut Owen Garriot and all his life he dreamt about traveling to space. In , this became reality. He was the sixth citizen to travel to space. On his wrist On the wrist of Garriot Jr was a Seiko watch.

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This page has moved, please click here for the new version The Seiko serial and movement number decoder This page is moving, please use this Seiko manufacture date decoder instead. It is the same database but on better hosting. Please update your links. Link to pics of some of my Seiko collection Enter the serial number and movement from your seiko watch in the boxes below.

Seiko thrives in the low-price mechanical market; modders are especially drawn to the SKX diver. It’s a meat-and-potatoes watch, beloved by customers and a joy to work with. It’s usually one of the first Seikos that modders tinker with, and a consistent seller.

The first watches produced under the Seiko brand appeared in In , Seiko introduced the Astron , the world’s first production quartz watch ; when it was introduced, it cost the same as a medium-sized car. Seiko later went on to introduce the first quartz chronograph. In the late s, Seiko produced the first Kinetic watch that combined the self-energizing attributes of an automatic watch with quartz accuracy. The watch is entirely powered by its movement in everyday wear.

In , Orient and Seiko established a joint factory. The company was incorporated K.

Seiko Divers Reference

It isn’t difficult to find a Seiko watch’s serial number; it’s right there on the back of the watch case or on the rim of the caseback. What is more difficult, though, is determining what a Seiko watch’s serial number means! And, if you know how to use the Seiko code to your advantage, you just might find that you can bargain for a better price by telling the store clerk that the “new” watch they’re selling was actually made two years ago.

Find a Seiko watch’s serial number by turning the watch over so the back is facing up. If your Seiko watch has a solid back gold, titanium or stainless steel , the serial number will be a six digit number etched in a straight line.

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It never has been easy to find them in good condition. Lately, it’s even worse, their being frankened and butchered to death or life just to get them sold. There’s been a few how to buys lately for other models so I thought I’d see if I can make one for the A quick scan through ebay shows there’s a need for something! These are all original dials which came in several versions for the x and x’s.

This is a prime example of what to not buy So here we go.. Which ever you prefer It’s surprising because the ‘s are quite popular. I think though, there sunburst dials are a bit harder to copy than your basic black diver dial. Not that this happens often but, dials are known to be dipped in a solution to bring back the color.

The CASE These watches came with a brushed finish on the top of their case and polished everywhere else.

WATERmRESIST: A Seiko from June

I cannot get my Seiko SNA chronograph second hand to reset after battery change. Keeps resetting to the 17 minute position, I have tried to use the manual instructions but with no success, Any help Hello, Seiko watches are a popular accessory for both men and women. The history of Seiko watches goes back to long time ago, when the company that was to become Seiko began. From the beginning, the method to set a Seiko watch has been designed to be a simple process.

Apr 06,  · In , Seiko engineers had developed the technology to build the first m divers watch (), heralding the introduction of Seiko´s high-end professional : Harry’s Vintage Seiko Blog.

Over the years Citizen have changed their watch case back markings, whilst they have also used special backs on their high grade watches and certain specific models. This page attempts to show the basic types and how to interpret the information that case backs give — often crucial to determining the authenticity of the watch.

Each of these used various case designs, with different case materials, and the case back markings began to reflect this. The late s also saw the introduction of serial numbers, which are very useful to us of course, because we can determine the date of production. More on that later. Before covering the three basic designs, a word about the very early models. Little information is stamped on the back — typically it may relate only to the case back material: Acknowledgement — in order to get a uniform type of image and size, I have primarily used the Japanese Domestic Watch volumes as a source, I wish to give due acknowledgement and credit here.

This section relates to watches made from around to the early s. Not all watches had a serial number at this time, although sometimes they may be found stamped inside the case back.


There are some links to Seiko specific web-sites, resources, book recommendations and accessories. If you know of something which should be included on this page please let me know and I will add it. All modern Seikos watches have the date of manufacture included in the serial number which is stamped on the outside of the watch case back. Seiko also stamp the case back with the movement calibre number and case model number.

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The Kinetic watch is self-winding, and instead of using a spring to store the energy, it converts the mechanical motion into electricity and stores it instead. This gives it the convenience of a self-winding watch along with the accuracy of a quartz movement. However, a few weeks ago I noticed that it would stop running if I took it off for a few hours.

Sometimes, when I was just typing on the computer and not moving my wrist around, it would stop running. Below is a picture of the watch. I figured there was something wrong with the energy storage system, possibly a dead battery or bad capacitor. After a web search, I found out that the watch does have a battery, which is sometimes referred to as a capacitor, but it is indeed a battery. All rechargeable batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge and after 8 years, this one had simply worn out.

The problem with changing it is that the Seiko Kinetic battery is not one of those standard watch batteries that you buy in a store and easily change by yourself. However, I found that it could be purchased from vendors on Ebay or other on-line websites like Swatchbattery. But once you become attached to a watch, and this one is water proof so I hardly ever take it off, it sort of becomes a part of you.

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Signs of aging and wear History of the caliber Knowing when the caliber was first made and ended production would the first useful clue. A very straightforward example is the automatic diver which was introduced in to replace the aging model whose production years ran from to The had a market life span of eight years and was shelved by mid replaced by the current 7s26 caliber. Pics courtesy of Chronograph.

This week I finally (thanks to a fellow forum member) got my hands on one of my grail watches: a first year Seiko RAF Gen 1 chronograph (s/n Find this Pin and more on Watches by Colin Timmons. Seiko RAF Gen 1 Chronograph.

Added a brief website analytics report. Link to watch reviews site 23 Mar New section on accuracy 02 Mar Chronolytics research on popular watch searches 18 Feb Note about watch running 1m. Note about Toronto Seiko Boutique closing 11 Jan Note about strap malleability Without the Seiko 7S26 and comparable movements from Miyota Citizen , Orient, and Swatch, many people would not be able to experience the joy of owning a mechanical watch at all.

Seiko Divers Reference

Jack Forster October 13, Hello, The latter category includes the very first watch to use titanium in its case — the meter Pro Diver. The Porsche Design Titan Chronograph was the first wristwatch to offer a titanium case, and an integrated titanium bracelet. For a more detailed history, check out this great story over on Monochrome. It was produced until , when it was finally replaced by the model you see here.

Seiko SKX Watch Review. Advertisement. Published by Joshua Clare-Flagg on 25 Dec, The day / date wheels are located at 3, and are suitably positioned on the dial (as in, not too far in or out). The bracelet that came with my Seiko is the Jubilee, making it the Seiko SKXK2.

There are genuinely tens of thousands of different models available on the market today. Without watches the world would be a very different place. Most are powered in a variety of ways. Most commonly with a battery and a quartz timing mechanism, but also by solar for digital or manual wind. The oldest type available is the ‘automatic’. Automatic movements are not truly automatic in themselves.

How to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 1)

There are some glitches in there owing to the fact that while Seiko changes their movements about every ten years but every once in a while they extend the movement life for longer then 10 years. Because Seiko uses the same date code to denote year. Loosing both the beloved cushion style case and the round hour markers on the dial. The only ones that are easy to identify are the North American SKX , and A35 because they display Movement Singapore from or for the yellow dialed A35 to and Malaysia from to current, this is due to United States trade regulations mandating all things sold in the USA must have country or origin on them.

The K version was denoted by lack of Japan on the dial and no listing of jewel count on the dial.

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The first watches produced under the Seiko brand appeared in In , Seiko introduced the Astron , the world’s first production quartz watch ; when it was introduced, it cost the same as a medium-sized car. Seiko later went on to introduce the first quartz chronograph. In the late s, Seiko produced the first automatic quartz that combined the self-energizing attributes of an automatic watch with quartz accuracy.

The watch is entirely powered by its movement in everyday wear. The company was incorporated K. Seiko is perhaps best known for its wristwatches, all of which were at one time produced entirely in-house. This includes not only major items such as microgears, motors, hands, crystal oscillators , batteries, sensors, LCDs but also minor items such as the oils used in lubricating the watches and the luminous compounds used on the hands and the dials.

Is my first Seiko also my last?? SNZG13J1 Full Review

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